Your Business’s Most Important New Year’s Resolutions – and how to stick to them

24 Jan 2018

A new year brings with it a fresh start, hope for the future and a promise of bright new things. This means every conscientious business owner goes into the New Year with a head full of plans for doing better, smarter business than they did in the last one. They want their workforce to be more innovative, more productive and more profitable, but most are unsure about how to go about realising these lofty goals.

Below we will detail some of the most pressing New Year’s resolutions business owners have for their organisations, and how they could go about achieving them with the help of SEACOM in 2018.

“I want to incorporate Cloud services into my business in 2018” The rise of cloud computing has brought with it a million new and improved ways to work, including enhanced collaboration platforms, safer off-premise data storage, hosted email services, and even Internet voice solutions like VoIP which can all revolutionise the way your business is run for the better. Although it sounds wonderful, at the same time, it may also sound overwhelmingly complicated and expensive.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable service provider on your side, the to get started is to have a look at some of SEACOM’s best in class cloud offerings, from secure Online Backup and Hosted Cloud Email services, to Hosted Cloud Security, Voice and Virtual Server Hosting, all of which can transform ineffective and time consuming tasks and duties into hyper-productive ones, enhancing your business’s profitability.

“I want to improve cyber security, so my business isn’t hacked in 2018” The past year was certainly a successful one for at least one field of professionals – cybercriminals. From the massive South African data breach to the colossal failure that was the Equifax hack, 2017 certainly made the headlines for all the wrong reasons when it came to cyber security. If these events aren’t enough of a wakeup call for business owners, it has been reported that South Africa ranks third highest in terms of cybercrime victims worldwide, costing individuals and businesses in excess of R2.2bn annually.

So, if shoring up your cyber security defences is high on the priority list of New Year’s resolutions (and it should be), you need to be looking at implementing the best possible cyber security systems available. The problem is, however, that with today’s mobile workforce expanding your business’s network beyond your premises and into every airport lounge and coffee shop in South Africa, protecting the network has become a case of protecting every single endpoint device carried around by your happily-roaming staff members.

I want to improve cyber security, so my business isn’t hacked in 2018

To put a safety cap on every one of these endpoints can be a complicated task, but with the help of a dedicated provider like SEACOM and industry leading security products like Network and Endpoint Protection, you can confidently let your employees do what they need to do in and out of the office, to safely expand your business’s footprint in 2018 without anyloose ends.

“I want to get my business ready for POPI in 2018” If cybercrime wasn’t bad enough for business – with the risk of losing valuable information, suffering crippling customer-trust issues, and potentially business-ending reputational damage, with POPI now in effect in South Africa, businesses can now also be held legally accountable for poor cyber security protocols, with the possibility of hefty fines to add insult to injury. It is therefore up to businesses to tick all the right boxes to be POPI compliant.

If this seems scary, it is because on many levels businesses across the country are severely lacking the skills and knowledge to get where they need to be with regards to POPI requirements. Many businesses often have no idea where to start in order to safeguard their customers’ private and privileged information. It is therefore critically important for business owners to put POPI at the very top of their new year’s resolutions list. And no matter how insurmountable the challenge may seem at first, with the right technology partner like SEACOM alongside them in 2018, no business will have to repeat this New Year’s resolution next year.

So as we start 2018, equip your employees with the tools they need to succeed in the year to come, at the same time protecting your business by ensuring the best possible security, technology and compliance measures are in place — and the dream for your business success in the new year may come true!To reach your business dreams and to crush those New Year’s resolutions in 2018, reach out to SEACOM today for a strategic partnership that can power your digital ambitions, allowing you better ways to work, safer ways to protect your network and data, and easier ways to meet compliance requirements.