Even in the digital age, there’s no substitute for the human voice

09 Feb 2018

Despite the many digital communication tools at our disposal, most consumers still turn to voice calls for the things that really matter. Today’s business voice solutions go far beyond the plain old telephony system and mobile calls – we are now in the era of VoIP that brings benefits to businesses in every industry.

We explore just some of the ways that VoIP is changing the telephony landscape and enabling businesses to do more, with less, without compromising that all-important human touch.

Cost savings

Often, the biggest appeal of a VoIP solution is the potential for cost savings. These savings are realised as a result of a number of different factors, including: reductions in line rental, lower call charges, and no longer having to maintain PBX systems.

This, coupled with the fact that all of your business’s voice and data communications flow over a single network, has the ability to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of your telephony system.

The era of VoIP that brings benefits to businesses in every industry

Portability and flexibility

VoIP provides number mobility, meaning you can use the same number wherever you happen to be. This takes the stress out of having to use and communicate different numbers based on where you happen to be in the world. Automatic call forwarding also means that VoIP is also ideal for mobile workers and freelancers, and ensures that no call will ever go unanswered.

Increased productivity

VoIP telephony allows employees to work remotely and enables better collaboration.

Easy installation

Unlike traditional telephone systems that require separate cabling, VoIP solutions leverage data network infrastructure and connectivity. They are also software driven, which makes the system far easier to update and maintain.

VoIP technology is the answer for businesses looking to converge their voice and data networks while saving money on the overall cost of their telecommunication solution. SEACOM’s VoIP offerings provide businesses with low cost, modern tools and capabilities to transform the way business calls are done.

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