Evolving business markets require evolving cloud connectivity

22 Jul 2019

The beauty of cloud services is that you can pick and choose from a vast selection of flexible, scalable solutions according to what your organisation needs, and integrate these same solutions into your systems without hefty capex outlay. Used optimally, cloud services improve operational efficiencies, time-to-market, customer understanding, resiliency, and cost effectiveness, to name just a few benefits.

Unsurprisingly, with such drawcards, more and more businesses have been warming up to the concept of “migrating to the cloud”. Cloud-based email, office software as a service, automatic backups and VoIP communication are commonplace today, when a few years ago decision-makers were hesitant to employ solutions that weren’t “living” in their company server rooms. Of course, a parallel issue in the past was a general lack of reliable, high-speed connectivity from office premises to cloud providers, which hindered uptake. That situation has changed, fortunately, with the emergence of premium Fibre to the Business (FTTB) options.

At the same time, leading cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are establishing local presences in Africa by opening initial data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town. This is additional reassurance for African organisations hesitant to advance their cloud migration strategies because of data localisation and latency concerns around cloud platforms whose servers are physically located outside the continent.

Today’s cloud environment for African businesses then is one where companies have the freedom to sample a smorgasbord of services from different cloud providers in Africa as well as services provided from overseas.

Choose your CloudWorx

With more businesses comfortable with cloud, and wanting to proceed on their transformation journeys, SEACOM is moving to keep pace with the market. SEACOM’s existing CloudWorx connectivity solution is evolving into a suite of scalable Cloud Connectivity products, designed to meet the varying cloud access requirements of different organisations.

Traditional CloudWorx enabled SEACOM’s business customers to connect directly and privately to cloud service providers overseas. By bypassing the public Internet, companies enjoyed greater peace of mind around security, speed, latency and reliability. With the deployment of major Cloud Service Provider PoPs now on African soil, this service will be available in various forms on the continent.

The CloudWorx Local variant is for those companies that wish to take advantage of the new (and impending) cloud infrastructure regions in South Africa. With a presence in open-access Teraco Data Environments, SEACOM is able to connect to Azure and AWS data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Where customers are looking to get access to Cloud Service Providers that do not have local datacentres or are not hosting specific applications and services locally, SEACOM’s International network will be leveraged to connect into international cloud datacentres hosted around the globe. CloudWorx International is specially designed for corporate customers who need ultra-secure, specialist connectivity to global cloud service platforms – from the likes of IBM and Oracle for example.

The CloudWorx suite is a solution upgrade that leverages SEACOM’s robust, far-reaching network and its ability to scale end-to-end. More importantly, it’s an example of how SEACOM is embracing the rise of cloud services and helping customers to evolve their business, as well as achieve their digital migration objectives.

Get in touch with SEACOM to discuss your company’s specific cloud and connectivity needs, and take that next step.