September 18, 2019

SEACOM announces that its Bloemfontein node is now live, enabling the delivery of a wider range of SEACOM Business connectivity products to benefit Bloemfontein’s businesses in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Business connectivity in Bloemfontein, the sixth-largest city in South Africa, will benefit from a substantial enhancement as SEACOM makes reliable high-speed internet more accessible to the business community.

Bloemfontein businesses can now enjoy uncontended, unthrottled SEACOM internet connectivity with direct low latency routes to public cloud environments, both locally and internationally. SEACOM is now also able to extend its current business bundle offerings, available in the other major metros, to Bloemfontein. SEACOM’s business solutions and network reach, provide business customers with the ability to grow within and beyond Africa’s borders.

One of the unique advantages that SEACOM offers is that it can future-proof connectivity requirements by allowing business connectivity to scale as required to Gigabit levels. By leveraging its existing national fibre backbone and international fibre subsea cable infrastructure across both the West and East Coast of the continent, SEACOM has the unique ability to scale connectivity as business requirements grow, without the limits that other providers have.

Byron Clatterbuck, SEACOM CEO, says “when acquiring the national FibreCo network, it was always SEACOM’s intention to drive the expansion of services outside of the major metros currently serviced. Bloemfontein was identified as a key market where we could strengthen our service offerings, geographic network reach and broaden our market position based on this.” He adds, “Bloemfontein now becomes a strategic connectivity hub for SEACOM which already connects South Africa to the East Coast of Africa, India and Europe with over 60 points of presence across South Africa, including major data centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban”.

SEACOM’s move also benefits its ever-growing partner network, many of whom have eagerly awaited this next step in SEACOM’s journey. The expansion to Bloemfontein enables SEACOM’s partners and local service providers to boost their high-speed broadband services and provide exceptional quality internet to the region.

SEACOM’s national network also connects the SEACOM subsea cable system (which lands in Mtunzini on the East Coast of South Africa) to the WACS cable (which lands at Yzerfontein, on the West Coast of South Africa), enabling fully redundant high-speed ring protection for diversity around the African continent.

SEACOM continues to strengthen operations in South Africa by creating a platform for the expansion of its business services. It enables the delivery of high-speed Internet connectivity and cloud products into smaller cities and towns across the country, which have typically not experienced the same levels of high-performance uncontended internet as other major metros.