Cloud Infrastructure

SEACOM's Cloud Infrastructure is a service that delivers compute capacity from the cloud. The offering provides robust enterprise-grade hosting options on SEACOM owned infrastructure with presence throughout South Africa, connected by an unmatched fibre network.

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Vast Local Presence





Western Cape





Robust, enterprise-grade managed infrastructure

Hosted within our world-class fibre network

Servers and storage powered by Dell

Compute powered by Intel Xeon

Robust virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V

Consulting and managed infrastructure by cloud experts

Right sizing and dimensioning assistance

Connectivity and network solution design

Virtual network and infrastructure deployment

Security policy implementation and maintenance

DR and data management policies implementation assistance

Data management and compliance

Secure data backup and recovery powered by Redstor

Access backup data from anywhere in the world

Data sovereignty compliance ensured with backup services hosted out of Teraco Isando and Bredell

Disaster recovery covered

Geo-redundancy for the support of high-availability requirements and hot site DR

Full System Recovery powered by Redstor

Virtual infrastructure snapshots and system restoration assistance

Security comes standard

Fortinet powered perimeter security solutions

Or Sophos unified threat management virtual appliances



Remote Desktop

Microsoft SQL

Lift-and-Shift for Enterprises

With its unique commercial model that allows customers to define their own compute resource requirements, and robust enterprise grade infrastructure support, SEACOM's Cloud Infrastructure is well positioned to help our customers with their lift-and-shift requirements, all while realising the cost benefits of hosting in the cloud.

No pre-defined dimensions, build it your way…



Define your vCPU requirements


Define your RAM requirements


Define your storage requirements


Select your operating system


Choose additional licensing if required


Unprecedented Cloud Connectivity


With infrastructure hosted within the SEACOM network, customers have the advantage of defining their own cloud connectivity requirements with the assistance of SEACOM network architects.

Customers making use of SEACOM fibre-to-the-business are able to establish links directly into their SEACOM cloud environment, ensuring that hybrid cloud communications between on-premise infrastructure and the SEACOM cloud occur over a secure, low-latency network, as opposed to over the Internet.

With CloudWorx, SEACOM can assist customers with cloud-to-cloud connectivity between SEACOM and Microsoft Azure and / or AWS.

Product Components

VPC Network

Dedicated virtual networks providing connectivity for your cloud instances


Dedicated vCPU and RAM capacity with the ability to dimension each individually; vCPU in increments of 1, and RAM in increments of 1GB


Performance and capacity storage options to meet the needs of your applications


10Mbps DIA included for Internet connectivity, with a wide range of options available for connecting your cloud environment to other networks, or increasing your bandwidth


Offering inclusive of Windows licensing, and a wide array additional licensing options available for Microsoft applications including, but not limited to Windows Remote Desktop and Microsoft SQL

Management Interface

Single pane of glass for the monitoring and management of your cloud infrastructure

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