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SEACOM Business DDoS Protect is a fully managed, intelligently automated solution that is continuously backed by global threat intelligence. We provide on-premise, in-cloud or hybrid prevention, mitigation and reporting, in real-time from DDoS attacks.

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Smarter Visibility. Smarter Protection. Intelligent automation.

Safeguard your servers and networks from hackers and system overloads. DDoS Protect is a fully managed and automated solution that detects and prevents DDoS attacks on company IT systems.

What is DDoS?

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a sophisticated method of overloading a server or network with Internet traffic. DDoS attacks are a malicious act that renders a business’ online services unavailable to legitimate users by overwhelming the target server or its surrounding infrastructure with a flood of Internet traffic.

DDoS attacks are extremely destructive, whether your business suffers from a short burst attack or repeat assaults. The immediate impact of a DDoS attack is extremely disruptive and often leads to long-term implications of eroding customer trust, brand reputation damage and financial losses.

Why SEACOM Business DDoS Protect?

SEACOM Business DDoS Protect is a fully managed, intelligently automated solution and continuously backed by global threat intelligence. We provide on-premise, in-cloud or hybrid protection from DDoS attacks.

The key concern in mitigating a DDoS attack is the ability to differentiate between attack traffic and normal traffic. DDoS Protect automatically detects an excess of traffic on a customer’s network, routes this traffic through our cloud-based platform for “scrubbing”, and returns clean data back to the customer’s network.

This protects high-level applications, such as e-commerce sites and business servers from outages and crashes, which can be highly costly to a business.

Get the Protection you Need with SEACOM Business

SEACOM Business offers our customers a variety of DDoS protection solutions that assist in detecting and mitigating against unexpected or sudden attacks. From on-demand mitigation solutions that aid in minimising the impact of a DDoS attack, to holistic protection that ensures attacks are never unexpected.


Key Business Benefits:

Advanced Detection and Mitigation

Always-on DDoS attack protection offers real-time traffic monitoring and mitigation.

Keep your business flowing, even when under an attack

Ensures customers network and servers remain unaffected and authentic traffic is delivered.

Flexible and scalable solutions

On-call scalability to address DDoS attacks of all sizes while optimising your network and security investments.

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SEACOM Business provides On-Demand DDoS protection to organisations who are under attack.

Comprehensive Protection

Comprehensive DDoS protection services offers real-time monitoring, detection, mitigation and reporting.

Network Optimisation

DDoS Protect provides non-intrusive reporting that improves network and service performance and the ability to make informed decisions regarding capacity planning and traffic management.

Why get DDoS Protect with SEACOM Business

Protecting the availability of our network is our top priority. Our high-capacity network is enabled with the world’s most secure solution, NetScout Arbor. At the forefront of our secure network is the Arbor Threat Mitigation System (TMS) and Arbor Sightline with Sentinel. This solution provides us with visibility and threat detection across our entire network, and the capability to surgically remove DDoS attack traffic without disrupting key network services.