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SEACOM's Online Backup, powered by Redstor, is a service that delivers backup & recovery, archiving, disaster recovery, search & insight, and cross-cloud data migration from the cloud, backed by SEACOM experts to assist with data management design, implementation, and management

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Stream your data on demand

Whether your data is on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud, InstantData provides on-demand access, allowing you to stream it in real time to any device, making downtime a thing of the past. We ensure your data is always available, instantly.

Borderless visibility of data

Online Backup unifies backup, instant data recovery and access, archiving, search and data migration, through a secure, central console. Gain borderless visibility of your entire, complex data estate at any time, on any device. The web-based control centre gives you a centralised view, wherever you are in the world.

Eliminate downtime

Your business is 'always on' and so are we. SEACOM can help you radically reduce the impact of security incidents, data breaches and hardware failure, with a fast, proven data management service. With unique, user-driven streaming technologies, you don't need to wait for a full recovery. At the click of a button, we can get you up and running within seconds, not days.

Complete data management

Data is on the move. SEACOM can help you discover, manage and protect your data with a unique data solution tailored to your business. Determine together where best to store your data, giving you complete control over its sovereignty. Cloud-to-cloud backup solutions provide rapid and granular restore for Office 365 and SaaS applications. Your enterprise can confidently benefit from the latest cloud-based tools safe in the knowledge you have best-of-breed data management and protection.

Liberate your IT team

Deployed and configured in 15 minutes, we can make your data management problems smaller and simpler. With intelligent, policy-driven automation and sophisticated reporting, your IT team can manage by exception and easily evidence compliance. Tailor a data management solution that’s right for your business (onsite, SaaS or hybrid) and get immediate access to automated, encrypted and secure online backup and recovery.

Clear and predictable pricing

SEACOM's pricing model is subscription-based, simple, cost effective and predictable. You only pay for the amount of data you intend on protecting with transparent, fixed costs. With easy installation and no hardware costs, you can scale up or down as demand changes. No hidden costs and no surprises.

What SEACOM's Online Backup Offers You

Backup and recovery


Eliminate downtime. Instant Data provides on-demand access to your data, ensuring it is always available, instantly, on any device.



End delays in accessing archived data, whilst dramatically reducing primary storage costs and improving the return on investment of existing assets.

Disaster Recovery


Meet your recovery targets with instant recovery. Data Management gives you the tools to get users up and running instantly.

Search and Insight


Discover, search and action the entirety of your data. Compliance with legislation and regulation, including the requirement to securely erase files from within backup and archive environments, is made simple and auditable.

Data Migration


Stop cloud lock-in. Move data between different clouds and platforms without downtime.

Consultation with Cloud Experts


Dimensioning assistance, tenant and policy configuration assistance and maintenance, and agent installation guidance

Protect Cloud Infrastructure


SEACOM's Online Backup is the perfect solution for your cloud infrastructure and cloud data protection needs. Our Full System Recovery capabilities allow you to define disaster recovery policies and effectively manage disaster recovery activities for your cloud infrastructure, including that which is hosted on SEACOM's cloud.

Make use of backup and recovery to ensure that data on your workloads is adequately protected.

Protect your Microsoft 365 Data

protect your microsoft

Section 6 of Microsoft’s own Services Agreement recommends using third-party apps and services to backup your content and data. Our SaaS backup capabilities enable you to back up all Microsoft 365 data within your organisation, directly from Microsoft’s cloud, all through an intuitive web interface.

Product Components

Online Backup per GB

Dimensioned on the amount of data within your organisation requiring protection to provide a simple and predictable costing model

Microsoft 365 Backup per User

Dimensioned on the number of Microsoft 365 users in your organisation requiring protection for simple and predictable costing.

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