Service Delivery FAQ

This short video describes phase 1 of SEACOM’s service delivery process, ‘Kickoff’. The video provides insight into how SEACOM starts the overall delivery cycle, detailing key steps in the delivery plan and outlining SEACOM’s customer engagement strategy.

This short video describes phase 2 of SEACOM’s implementation process, ‘Fibre Delivery’. SEACOM investigates the location and accessibility to the customer’s office environment, determining the kind of build that would be required to deliver the fibre, addressing requirements for Land Lord approval, and in some cases Municipal approvals. A comprehensive profile is produced that facilitates the fibre delivery.

This short video describes phase 3 of SEACOM’s delivery process, ‘Delivery’. This is the last phase in SEACOM’s delivery cycle, the video describes the final stage of delivery, detailing the CPE installation on the customer’s premises the activation of the service and the service handover to the customer.