April 22, 2021

Benefits of SEACOM's continental connectivity network

Internet connectivity in Africa is a vital proponent of growth and development. The one thing that African nations learned in the last year is that getting information to all citizens in a fast, reliable manner can be challenging. Disseminating educational information and precautions around the Covid-19 pandemic to entire populations has highlighted the importance of internet access for all citizens.

The internet has been one of the most influential sources of growth on the continent, thanks to cellular networks and various forms of connectivity. Despite this, many African countries lack adequate access to the internet. The worst-performing countries have a 39% access rate, whereas the global average is around 60%. Remote regions and rural villages are among the areas where internet connectivity is a luxury.

SEACOM owns Africa’s most expansive network of digital connections and communications infrastructure. At present, we have operations in South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda. Having physical connections between these nations holds numerous benefits for our clients, especially businesses that operate in Southern and Eastern Africa.

Improved spread of information

Reliable and fast internet allows governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and businesses to spread important information to citizens and consumers. It allows these organisations to reach a target audience directly, through cell phones or computers. Traditional mass media, such as newspapers and radio, can be expensive and slow.

During the initial phase of the global pandemic, there were regular updates and safety guides that needed to be distributed as research findings were published on a daily basis. Many countries relied on print publications and clinics to educate the population. However, the internet became a primary tool for keeping citizens up-to-date on the virus.

Improves ease of doing business

The internet also developed into the primary space in which businesses operated (and still operate). Remote working and e-commerce became the new normal for many companies, especially those in busy metropolitan hubs. The most successful businesses were those that used the internet to their advantage and continued to provide goods and services during a global lockdown.

A solid internet network allows businesses to communicate more efficiently and effectively. It makes it easier for consumers to talk to a company, which enhances the customer experience. High-quality connectivity also improves communication within a company as employees can work together to resolve issues and collaborate on projects. Our extensive network is already being used by African businesses to grow and thrive.

Connectivity is good for democracy

Many African countries are democratic and pride themselves on certain freedoms. The internet is a key component of responsible governance and transparency - two core pillars of democracy. Journalists and citizens alike can research many facts online and root out corruption or expose crimes. Connectivity improves transparency and can increase the public’s confidence in a national government or business.

It also allows a business to share annual reports and statistics more easily, whether through a website, email or social media platform. NGOs can highlight their good work and success stories throughout Africa via the internet. Schools can access online tools to improve education and expand their learners' knowledge. Ultimately, countries develop more rapidly when there is a solid internet structure.

SEACOM aims to become the preferred business Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Africa. Our extensive network of cables, fibre optic networks and wireless connections make us a reliable partner for businesses and institutions across much of the continent. Please contact us today to get a quote for our services or to set up an assessment for your needs.

SEACOM owns Africa’s most extensive network of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, including subsea cables and secure internet connections. We offer a diverse range of flexible, scalable and high-quality solutions that meet world-class standards for connectivity.

SEACOM is privately owned and operated, making it agile and adaptable to the needs of the customer. This makes us the preferred ICT and internet connectivity partner for African businesses and peripheral service providers. We can guarantee high-speed, low-latency and secure internet connections to corporates and small enterprises.

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