December 23, 2022

How AI can improve cyber resilience

Businesses can elevate their cyber resilience with artificial intelligence (AI). Leveraging these technologies that use machine learning and advanced data analytics could unlock greater levels of efficiency, automation and cyber protection for your company.

Through a partnership between machines and people, companies can improve cyber resilience by combining AI and data science expertise into their processes. AI also plays a valuable role in cyber security; it speeds up threat detection and response mechanisms while combing through enormous data sets to identifying issues for investigation and remediation.

This is a critical component of cyber resilience. Using company-specific algorithms, security tools can launch automatic remediation to any breaches, alert the necessary teams and quarantine the affected parts of the network.

Reducing the response time to cyber threats with AI

Through AI and machine learning, analysis takes place in real-time and at high speed. AI empowers security analysts with a deep contextual understanding of security issues: How did the incident start? What were the effects? How could it have been prevented?

Security teams can also minimise false positives, as well as preemptively identify new and unknown security threats by leveraging AI. Intelligent systems, such as SIEM, can analyse and filter thousands of events each day.

Large enterprises produce huge volumes of data, both from internal sources and external users - such as customers. Being able to screen all these events and data gives IT teams greater control and insight into what is happening on the company network.

Staying ahead of threat actors

AI is a powerful double-edged sword that can be used both to initiate and defend against a cyber attack. Cybercriminals are becoming more adept at harnessing the power of AI to launch attacks. Deepfake technology and social engineering techniques leverage AI to infiltrate networks, targeting specific users or devices.

Compromised credentials, phishing emails and account hacking continue to pose a serious risk to business networks and their digital assets. Companies can use AI to boost their cyber resilience through smarter authentication and access controls.

Ensuring the right people have access at the right time, data-driven behavioural assessments scan networks to ensure the authentication of legitimate users. Analysing their unique behaviour, AI-enabled security systems ensure that any irregularities in user behaviour are identified and prioritised in terms of the potential for damage.

Strengthening your IT team with AI

AI-driven technologies serve to plug the gap in an industry faced by a lack of skilled professionals in cyber security. In the current climate, cyber security teams need to respond quickly to security threats. For businesses with limited in-house tech teams, using AI and machine learning can counterbalance a talent and skills shortage.

Basic cyber security tasks can be automated. This gives IT teams time and space to focus on teaching and customising the AI-driven systems. As a result, the security software becomes more aligned to the unique business requirements and digital infrastructure.

Improving your cyber resilience with AI

In order to improve cyber resilience, businesses need to defend against constantly evolving cyber security threats. Cyber resilience means finding and fixing problems faster, minimising the cost of data breaches and ensuring systems experience minimal downtime.

It involves using machine capabilities, powered by AI, to respond more effectively. Using AI, companies can respond almost 30% quicker to threats than organisations without automated security tools. For more information or to get a quote for our SIEM or other cyber security solutions, email us at or leave us a message.

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