July 05, 2024

How enterprises can develop a proactive approach to cyber security

According to a recent PwC report, a cyber attack on a South African company may cost an astounding R27 million in 2024. These threats have the potential to seriously harm operations, destroy consumer confidence, and cause large financial losses.

Simply put, a reactive approach to cyber security is insufficient in this dynamic environment. Businesses must take the initiative to prevent cyber attacks by putting in place a strong defence system that detects and stops them before they happen. A proactive approach to cyber security is an absolute necessity for companies.

Basic cyber security tools that every company must have

As a bare minimum requirement for protection, all companies should have the following tools and processes in place. These vital tools forms the cornerstone of any effective cyber security strategy:

1) Antivirus software - Software that protects against viruses and malware is the first line of defence against common malware threats. Update your software frequently to make sure it continues to defend against the newest dangers.

2) Firewalls - Firewalls serve as your network's gatekeeper, screening all incoming and outgoing traffic and preventing illegal access.

3) Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) - These tools keep an eye on network activity to spot unusual circumstances and can notify security personnel of possible intrusions.

4) Data encryption - Encrypting confidential information increases security by adding an extra layer and making it harder for hackers to access, even if they manage to get into your network.

5) Email filtering and anti-spam - These solutions assist in preventing dangerous emails, such as phishing scams, from entering your network and stealing confidential data.

More sophisticated cyber security tools for enterprises

Larger companies are better targets for hackers and cyber criminals, so enterprises ought to have the following advanced tools in place:

1) Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) - A SIEM system provides an all-encompassing view of security events throughout your network by compiling logs and data from multiple security technologies. This makes it possible to identify and address risks more quickly.

2) Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) - This is a cloud-based integrated security solution that combines networking and security into one tool. It includes Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) services and delivers these tools to the end user, regardless of their physical location.

3) Endpoint detection and response (EDR) - This refers to the solutions that concentrate on specific devices inside your network. They offer real-time monitoring and facilitate the quick detection and remediation of threats on specific endpoints.

4) Advanced tools for managing vulnerabilities - These programmes check your systems for known flaws and offer suggestions for patching and fixing them.

5) User awareness training (UAT) - In the security chain, employees are often the weakest link. It is essential to regularly teach staff members about cyber security best practices, such as spotting phishing attempts and using secure passwords.

Creating a culture of proactive cyber security

A proactive cyber security posture necessitates a culture shift in your company in addition to specialised tools and protocols. Start by conducting frequent risk assessments to find any weaknesses in your network and apps. Give top priority to fixing the most serious vulnerabilities first.

You’ll also need to perform penetration testing. Hire ethical hackers to mimic actual network attacks. By doing this, you can find gaps in your defences and fix them before real threat actors take advantage of them.

Create a thorough incident response plan that specifies what should be done in the case of a cyber attack. This will guarantee a well-organised and effective reaction that minimises the damage.

Lastly, ensure constant surveillance of your network and IT ecosystem. Cyber security requires ongoing attention - it is imperative that you regularly review and adjust your security posture in order to keep up with changing threats.

Working with a reputable cyber security provider

Establishing and sustaining a strong cyber security posture is a difficult task. It’s recommended that enterprises collaborate with a trustworthy cyber security company like SEACOM. We provide an extensive range of services intended to assist your business in creating a proactive cyber security plan.

Our group of security professionals can help you with security assessments; we are able to carry out an extensive evaluation of your existing security posture and pinpoint areas that require improvement. We can also install advanced security solutions and assist you in choosing the best tools for your particular requirements.

SEACOM offers managed security services. We provide continuous security monitoring and round-the-clock assistance to keep an eye out for threats on your network. Through the implementation of a proactive cyber security strategy, South African businesses will enhance their ability to withstand cyber attacks and protect their crucial information and resources.

SEACOM is dedicated to becoming your reliable ally as you navigate the ever changing world of cyber threats. To find out more about our cyber security solutions or to get a quote, email us at marketing@seacom.com or leave us a message.

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