September 13, 2021

Protect your servers and networks from sophisticated DDoS attacks

Many large enterprises hold valuable information on their servers or rely on networking to conduct business. E-commerce sites are a perfect example of how much a company relies on the internet to make money. However, this also means that these businesses are at risk from sophisticated cyber threats, such as a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. If your IT network is under a DDoS attack, call us now for assistance on +27 11 038 7045.

This is a method of overloading a server or network with information. The purpose is to block users, whether employees or customers, from being able to access the system. This prevents employees from being able to do their jobs, or crashes a company website so that customers cannot access it.

Three types of DDoS attack

When a network or server is under a DDoS attack, a huge and unexpected fluctuation in traffic occurs. The attack is often launched simultaneously from a large number of compromised devices from around the world. There are three types of DDoS attack:

  1. Volumetric attack - An attempt to maximise and overrun the bandwidth capacity within the network or server, by sending a massive volume of information through the system. It creates a traffic jam that prevents legitimate users from accessing the system.
  2. State exhaustion - An attempt to consume the network or server’s processing capacity, or those of intermediate communications equipment, such as firewalls.
  3. Application layer - Targets some aspect of an application at Layer 7. This attack consists of seemingly legitimate and innocent requests, but it crashes the server by overloading finite resources, such as disk space or memory.

Why your business needs DDoS protection

DDoS attacks have become more popular over the past few years. SEACOM Business now offers DDoS Protect for large companies in South Africa. These services automatically detect a large increase in traffic flow and re-routes it all through a DDoS guard, which filters the genuine users from malicious traffic. This means that only clean data is sent through to the servers.

These solutions protect high-level applications, such as e-commerce sites and business servers from outages and crashes. Any interruptions to websites and networks can be highly costly to a business, so DDoS protection is a vital consideration for larger companies. These solutions can be set up on-site or transferred to our cloud-based platform.

Details about SEACOM Business DDoS Protect

SEACOM Business has partnered with NETSCOUT for the delivery and support of its Arbor DDoS protection services. These offerings include:

  • DDoS attack detection and mitigation
  • Managed DDoS protection services
  • Hybrid protection
  • Cloud-based or on-premise protection
  • Network peering analysis
  • Network capacity management
  • Data filtering
  • Traffic monitoring and reporting
  • 24/7 support

These solutions will provide comprehensive protection against targeted attacks and ensure that a company’s networks and servers remain online and usable at all times. For more information or to get a quote for our DDoS protection solutions, please contact SEACOM Business today.

SEACOM owns Africa’s most extensive network of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, including subsea cables and secure internet connections. We offer a diverse range of flexible, scalable and high-quality solutions for businesses that meet world-class standards for connectivity.

SEACOM is privately owned and operated, making it agile and adaptable to the needs of the customer. This makes us the preferred ICT and internet connectivity partner for African businesses and peripheral service providers. We can guarantee high-speed, low-latency and secure internet connections to corporates and small enterprises.

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