June 02, 2021

SD-WAN offers higher performance than traditional WAN

SEACOM Business offers software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions for businesses in Africa. This modified WAN makes it easier to run and control the traffic in the network as the software takes over its operation. This centralised software controls the users and the data connections, making the SD-WAN faster, cheaper and more secure than its traditional counterparts.

With increased performance of the SD-WAN comes greater efficiency and productivity for a business, which can increase profitability. Employees are able to access the secure network from remote locations around the world and work on shared projects without delays. The software controls the traffic within the SD-WAN, as well as their connections to the data centres and cloud.

It intelligently segments this traffic and gives users secure access to cloud-based applications and programmes. This allows the SD-WAN to run at a higher speed than other business networking solutions due to the streamlined flow of information between connected devices and the cloud. SD-WAN is an ideal solution for multinational businesses that rely on collaboration between employees from different locations.

SD-WAN increases business performance

A business should always strive to operate at maximum efficiency and one way to reach this goal is to give employees the best tools possible for their work. The software handles the security, policies and network functions of the SD-WAN, leaving employees free to focus on their own tasks. This does away with the need to employ people to run and monitor the network.

SD-WAN is capable of managing multiple internet connections at the same time. Whether staff are using fibre, 4G or LTE, the software will manage these links and enable them to collaborate with no interruptions. All of these performance-enhancing benefits also come with cost saving for the business. SD-WAN can be easy to set-up and a company can get its workers connected within minutes.

This superior global network provides seamless connectivity for all employees, regardless of their location or internet connection. The increased performance of SD-WAN makes it an important upgrade for businesses that use regular WANs for their day-to-day running. For more information or to get a quote about our SD-WAN offerings, email us at marketing@seacom.com or leave us a message.

SEACOM owns Africa’s most extensive network of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, including subsea cables and secure internet connections. We offer a diverse range of flexible, scalable and high-quality solutions for businesses that meet world-class standards for connectivity.

SEACOM is privately owned and operated, making it agile and adaptable to the needs of the customer. This makes us the preferred ICT and internet connectivity partner for African businesses and peripheral service providers. We can guarantee high-speed, low-latency and secure internet connections to corporates and small enterprises.

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