June 17, 2024

Stop viruses, malware and spyware with SEACOM's endpoint protection

Viruses, spyware and malware are some of the most common cyber threats to large corporations. Many enterprises have valuable information and personal data stored on servers, which need to be secured with advanced security software. SEACOM offers endpoint protection services to large businesses in South Africa.

These solutions protect all devices (laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones) connected to the business network through advanced anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware systems. We partner with some of the world’s best software security providers to ensure that our corporate clients get the best end-to-end protection for their servers and networks.

Our endpoint protection is a cloud-based solution that comes with pre-configured best practice policies that save time during set-up and minimises the overall cost. Our endpoint protection solutions offer immediate detection of web-based attacks and the automatic back-up of sensitive data. This protects the business and their customers from a variety of data leaks and hacks.

What are viruses, spyware and malware?

These three cyber threats work in various ways to compromise a business network and gain access to whatever information is required. Here’s how they work:

Viruses - These attach themselves to your software and data in various ways. They run when a user opens an infected program or inserts an infected USB device. They can spread to other applications and lie dormant until a predetermined date and time. Viruses can be destructive. They can prevent access to a server and wipe a computer clean, or they can be used to steal information from big businesses.

Spyware - These are programs that monitor your activities on your computer without your knowledge. They can be used to covertly steal passwords and personal information. Some spyware is able to actually spy on the user by accessing their webcam and microphone.

Malware - These encompass all malicious or unwanted programs or code. They can include viruses and spyware that are used to aid in the distribution of other malware. Some of these programs (called ransomware) can hold a network or server ransom until the business pays the malware coder to get their access back.

Why your business needs antivirus protection

All major corporations absolutely need antivirus protection for their endpoints, networks and servers. Advanced security software should protect against all malware, not just viruses. SEACOM's endpoint security services do just that - they detect, recognise and neutralise a variety of malicious software.

The vast majority of malware are not actually viruses. This is because hackers and malware coders struggle to make money off viruses, whereas ransomware and scareware are far more effective at getting money out of a company. This is why full-spectrum malware protection is essential in preventing security breaches and data leaks.

Protecting important information and classified data must be a priority for large companies. The cost of a security breach can far outweigh the cost of our versatile endpoint protection. Our endpoint protection solutions are guaranteed to enhance your business security. For more information or to get a quote, email us at marketing@seacom.com or leave us a message.

SEACOM owns Africa’s most extensive network of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, including subsea cables and secure internet connections. We offer a diverse range of flexible, scalable and high-quality solutions for businesses that meet world-class standards for connectivity.

SEACOM is privately owned and operated, making it agile and adaptable to the needs of the customer. This makes us the preferred ICT and internet connectivity partner for African businesses and peripheral service providers. We can guarantee high-speed, low-latency and secure internet connections to corporates and small enterprises.

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