June 14, 2021

Upgrade your email security with SEACOM's enhanced email solutions

Email is one of the most essential forms of communication for any modern business. Without it, a company would not be able to function effectively. However, this method of communication is susceptible to breaches and information leaks, which can be extremely costly to a company if not prevented.

SEACOM Business can provide African enterprises with a range of advanced cyber security solutions, including enhanced email security. This is a cloud-based email archiving and protection service that comes standard with anti-virus and anti-spam software built in. All incoming and outgoing emails are archived in a secure, dedicated data centre that ensures safe back-up of all electronic communications.

In the event that a company’s primary email server goes offline for any period of time, these enhanced email solutions will allow the business to access important information and previous communications. We have partnered with Mimecast to offer these world-class email protection and storage solutions. There are three main benefits of upgrading email security with these offerings.

Get unlimited email storage space

We offer companies unlimited archive storage space on our secure cloud-based servers. SEACOM Business enables companies to keep vast records of their email communications with clients and suppliers. Never worry about your email storage getting full again.

Anti-malware comes standard

Our enhanced email solutions come with anti-malware (anti-virus, anti-spam, URL filtering and anti-phishing software). This protects your email correspondence from being intercepted and prevents any form of online attack on your email servers. Emails are often the vehicle used by hackers and scammers to gain access to valuable company data and confidential information.

The software used can automatically detect and block any suspicious emails and links. This brings advanced threat protection to a company’s online communications and helps to prevent any data leaks. It also ensures continuity in communications, with no down-time due to viruses and security breaches.

Rapid deployment and support

These enhanced email solutions are fast and easy to set-up, providing ultimate protection within no time. SEACOM Business is also on-hand to provide rapid support for any issues encountered or questions posed. What’s more, these solutions automatically upgrade themselves on a regular basis, ensuring that a company always has the latest anti-malware and protection.

Additional features of enhanced email security

SEACOM Business customers that opt for our enhanced email solutions will gain access to the following additional feature:

  • URL protection - Keeps users and company devices safe by checking website links in emails. Any suspicious sites are blocked and employees informed of the reasons.
  • Attachment protection - Multiple analytic techniques are used to detect and block malicious attachments in emails.
  • Impersonation protection - Defends devices against attacks that use sender and domain impersonation to gain access to company information. These types of emails use various psychological techniques to encourage employees to perform a certain action, by making them think that the email has been sent by someone they trust.
  • Internal email protection - For many businesses, inbound email attacks are the primary focus for security teams, but that does not ensure full protection. Internal emails within the organisation can also be used as a weapon by malicious entities. Spam and various threats can come from within a company. This offering provides 360 degree email protection.
  • Information protection - The very nature of conducting business often requires sending and receiving sensitive information, such as bank details, financial reports, personal information and intellectual property. Our information protection services provide automated and integrated content control and data loss prevention (DLP).

SEACOM Business offers these enhanced email solutions to medium and large companies in South Africa, even if they have remote offices abroad. We can also host your emails on our own hosted email servers, or we can provide these security solutions for Microsoft 365. For more information or to get a quote for our enhanced email solutions, please contact SEACOM Business today.

SEACOM owns Africa’s most extensive network of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, including subsea cables and secure internet connections. We offer a diverse range of flexible, scalable and high-quality solutions for businesses that meet world-class standards for connectivity.

SEACOM is privately owned and operated, making it agile and adaptable to the needs of the customer. This makes us the preferred ICT and internet connectivity partner for African businesses and peripheral service providers. We can guarantee high-speed, low-latency and secure internet connections to corporates and small enterprises.

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