Hosted Email

SEACOM's Hosted Email, is a service that delivers email hosting from the cloud. The offering provides a range of mailbox size options, and is deployed on SEACOM owned enterprise-grade infrastructure hosted in South Africa, with geo-redundant lag sites for data resilience.

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Multiple regions to ensure data sovereignty and resilience

Mtunzini, KwaZulu-Natal (primary)

Midrand, Gauteng (geo-redundant lag)

Robust, enterprise-grade managed infrastructure

Hosted within our world-class fibre network

Servers and storage powered by Dell

Robust hosting platform powered by Microsoft Hosted Exchange

Managed services by cloud experts

Mailbox dimensioning assistance

Tenant and mailbox deployment and maintenance

Cloud Email Management, Protection, and Continuity

SEACOM’s Enhanced Email services are the perfect solution to ensure that your organisation is protected against email borne threats…

Threat Protection


Threat protection services ensure that endpoints and users in your organisation are protected against email-borne cyber threats.



Archiving enables long-term retention and access to your emails that are no longer required on your immediate endpoint.

Data leak prevention


Data leak prevention ensures that sensitive company information cannot be disseminated via email beyond the bounds of your organisational policies.



Continuity ensures that you can continue sending emails even when experiencing availability difficulties with your primary email server.